I have always been a very confident and extrovert person. Being overweight never bothered me until I started facing a few health problems while working. Getting tired easily, unable to climb stairs, short breaths, etc worked as my torch bearers. Also in the past 2 years, my body had grown to such a size that the personality I had did not fit in the size I presented. Of course, obesity hides all the other beauties in the person and usually leaves them as a subject of laughter for others.

It had become difficult for me to portray the skill set I have because the world that we live in believes more in the outer beauty and presentation. It was at this been that Bariatric Sleeve Gastrectomy came to my rescue and Dr. Vikram Lotwala guided me and my family to take the decision of the surgery.

This being a new technology posed many questions and hesitations which were well counselled by the doc and his team. It’s been almost 6 months now and I am a changed person, I have lost almost 32 kgs in this time and the physical change that I have experienced has groomed personality all the more.

I am thankful to him and the entire staff who took care of every minute bit starting from diet and nutrition to my body health profile. Even till date, I am being followed up for my diet and nutrition supplements.

This surgery is a life jacket to all those who have lost all hopes of reducing weight. Its best part is that you actually don’t have to put any efforts. The entire process is painless, easy, natural and very very quick. I thank the day I learnt about this technology that helped me become what I had only dreamt of.
By Jyoti
I'm 24 years old. I weighed 112 kgs at the time of surgery and my BMI being 52. I was overweight since my 6th grade and most of my childhood and teenage life I spend it with my bulkiness. With my short stature and bulky body (However, I inherited obesity from my father side), I'm always the 'Fattest One', be it my family, school or college. Tried and Tested everything from Yoga to Diet to Gym to Clinical Treatments to Ayurveda, nothing worked.

Depression held on to me like my best friend. I couldn't concentrate on anything, I started quitting things, I stopped talking. I didn't have any social life. Of course society played an vital role in that, all of a sudden everyone becomes an fitness and diet expert for you. No one understands you as you are, they just look at you and pour their 'oh-so valuable suggestions in'.

Finally found an effective and positive way and I've underwent Sleeve Gastrectomy. It has been 3 months since surgery, I've lost 13 kgs and considerable inch loss. I feel much lighter and active now. Wings Hospital, Dr. Vikram Lotwala and his team, helped and guided me all the way towards a healthier change. Physically and Socially together I'm improving.

Thank You.
By Sushma
I am 24 years old and it is in my hereditary that I have always been over weight. It was since my childhood that I was overweight. From a very young age I had tried out millions of ways to reduce my weight but there was nothing that would ever work out for me. You name it and I have done it. Whether it is exercising or following any diet regime or going to VLCC to going for laser treatments and even having awful medicines - but neither of these things ever worked for me. I would always reduce a couple of pounds while doing these weight reduction treatments but after 2-3 months it seemed as if the effect of these regimes have ceased on me. My parents would have spent thousands of rupees on me so that I could loose weight but no effect.

Though I never had any physical problems due to my over weight but everyone knows being a girl in India, being over weight is a matter off mock for my parents. I was coming to an age where my parents had started to worry about me a lot and finally we consulted some doctors and they suggested us for the bariatric surgery.

Of course, I and my parents were a bit worried about it but we also knew something needed to be done for me. So finally gave it a try. It was in January 2010 when I was operated. I weighted 110 kgs at the time of my surgery and now I am 79 kgs. This surgery has helped me changed my life and has taken me completely on a new edge. I was always an outspoken personality but after this surgery and reducing my weight my confidence level has been boosted up. My perspective towards dealing with my life and people has changed completely and this is only because of the bariatric proceedings.

Looking at my results my dad has also thought of undergoing the same proceedings and I am thankful to my parents and the whole team for this outcome and helping me to see things in different directions.